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Copper Nickel alloy Cu-Ni powder

2017-6-19      View:
  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-Cu-Ni
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Specification of Copper Nickel Alloy powder:

Particle size: 80nm

Cu:Ni = 5:5, adjustable

Application of Nickel-Copper(Ni-Cu) Alloy Powder:

1. Used for powder metallurgy products, enhance chemical corrosion protection ability, use for shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, building, electricity, precision instrument, medical equipment, instrument manufacture, etc.

2. Used for Weld auxiliaries.

3. Used as antiwear additive in lubricating grease.

More metal alloy nanoparticles on the basis of element Cu, Al, Si, Zn, Ag, Ti, Ni, Co, Sn, Cr, Fe, Mg, W, Mo, Bi, Sb, Pd, Pt, P, Se, Te, etc are available. And the element ratio is adjustable, and binary and ternary alloy are both available.

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