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Gallium Ga powder cas 7440-55-3

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-Ga
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Feature of Gallium Ga powder

Gallium metal 99.99% 99.9999% 
Appearance: Silvery metal, liquid above 29.78° C, solid under 29.78° C 
Density: 5.904 g / cm 3. 
Melting point: 29.78 ° C. 
Boiling point: 2403° C 

6N High Purity Gallium: Manufacturing the GaAs, GaP, GaSb and multi-layered semiconductors, and Nb-Fe-B magnet. 
7N High Purity Gallium: High Purity Gallium(7N) Usage: Semi-Insulator GaAs For IC. 
8N High Purity Gallium: High Purity Gallium(8N) Usage: Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) source, blue GaN LED and LD, microwave circuit, quantum device 

Application of Gallium Ga powder : 

Mainly used as raw material of preparing semiconductor compounds materials, such as gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, gallium antimonide, and gallium oxide and high-purity alloy products. It also can be used as doping element in germanium and silicon semiconductors.

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