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MODTC powder

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-MODTC
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Lubricating Material Solid MoDTC Complexes

Summarize of MODTC Antioxidant Additive MoDTC price:
Tongrun MoDTC Complexes is a non-phosphorus anti-friction & oxidation resistance additive, appears as solid powder. It has high content of Mo & Sulphur element. It can decrease abrasion of friction pair surface efficiently in lubricating grease, improve loading capacity and energy efficiency. It has good synergy with common anti-friction additive and oxidation resistance additive. Since it is non-phosphorus multifunctional additive, so it can decrease phosphorus content of lubricating grease, it is energy conservation and environment protection.

CAS No.: 68412-26-0

Recommended additive dosage: lubricating grease: 1.0%-3.0%
Product safety:  Danger class equals to common chemicals, needs no special safety measures.
Storage & transportation: take SH0164 as executive standard.


Typical Physicochemical Properties of MODTC Antioxidant Additive MoDTC price 

Item MoDTC Complexes
Chemical Composition MoDTC
Appearance Pale yellow powder
Density ( 15.6 ), g/cm 3 1.58
Initial melting point 257℃
Mo % 26-28
S % 23-26
 Solubility Insoluble with water and petroleum base base oil, slightly soluble in phosphate and some ester synthetic oil


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