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Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder CAS 12008-29-6

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   TR-SiB6
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Purity:>99% or customized
Size:5-10um,60nm or customized
CAS No.:12008-29-6
EINECS No.:234-535-8

Relative density :3.0g/cm3,
Melting point :2200℃. 
Insoluble in water, oxidation resistance, thermal shock, resistance to chemical attack.
Especially under the thermal shock with high strength and stability,Grinding efficiency is higher than that of boron carbide(B4C Powder).

Product Features:
This product has high purity, small particle size distribution, high specific surface area and so on. Melting point up to 2230 ℃, has not dissolve in water, anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics, especially with high strength and stability under thermal shock.
This product is generally not harmful to water, without government permission, place material into the surrounding environment.
Storage conditions:
Used and stored according to specifications will not decompose. Sealed in a cool dry place.


Can be used as a variety of standard abrasive, abrasive hard alloy. Also used as a special engineering ceramic materials, sand blasting nozzle, manufacturing gas turbine blades and other special-shaped sintering parts and seals. Anti oxidant used as refractory material.





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