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Titanium Disilicide TiSi2 Powder cas 12039-83-7

2017-6-12      View:
  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-TiSi2
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Feature of Titanium Disilicide Powder

Appearance Dark Gray Powder Dark Gray Powder
Assat(%,Min) 99.5 99.56
Ti(%)   46.12
Si(%,Min)   53.2
C   0.2
P   0.02
Fe   0.19
S   0.018
Other Index
Particle Size   -200mesh(80%pass)
Note: The company provides customized production, such as the product of other granularity of requirements.

Application of Titanium Disilicide Powder

Mainly can be used as fine ceramic raw material powder, used in the production of semiconductor film production crucible.

Packaging storage of Titanium Disilicide Powder
This product is inert anti-static packaging, should be sealed in a dry, cool environment, not long exposed to the air, anti-tide reunion, affecting the dispersion performance and the use of results.

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