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Vanadium nitride VN powder cas 24646-85-3

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  • Type   Tr-VN
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Technical Parameters of Vanadium nitride powder





Specific surface area(m2/g)

Volume density(g/cm3)

Crystal form




325 mesh







according to user requirements of particle can provide different size 


Product performance of Vanadium nitride powder

Ultrafine vanadium nitride, vanadium nitride powder by variable current laser ion beam, chemical vapor deposition) product uniform particle size distribution, mass production is big, can be a large number of applications to the hard alloy, high surface activity, can well dispersed in the alloy material, dispersion strengthened alloy.

Vanadium nitride, alias is vanadium nitride alloy is a new type of alloy additive, can replace vanadium iron is used in the production of the microalloyed steel.

Vanadium nitride addition in steel can improve steel strength, toughness, ductility and thermal fatigue resistance and so on comprehensive mechanical properties, and the steel with good weldability.Under the same intensity, adding vanadium nitride save 30-40% for the amount of vanadium, thereby lowering the cost.


Application direction of Vanadium nitride powder

1. vanadium nitrogen alloy can be used for structural steel, tool steel, pipeline steel, steel and cast iron. Application of vanadium nitrogen alloy in high strength low alloy steel, vanadium, nitrogen can simultaneously carry out effective microalloying, promote the precipitation of vanadiumin steel, carbon, nitrogen, and play a more effectiverole in grain refinementstrengthening and settlement;

2. vanadium nitride (VN) has veryhigh thermal, chemical stability and high mechanical properties, widely used in cutting tools, abrasivesand structural materials; also is a good catalyst, stability is of high catalytic activity, highselectivity, good performance and anti poisoning. The fine-grained VN can effectively improve the catalytic activity, improve the structure of the material toughness.


Storage conditions of Vanadium nitride powder

This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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